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#1 Food & Hygiene Consumer Collaboration Platform
#1 Food & Hygiene Consumer Collaboration Platform

Agriculo Organic Food | 5 L


Agriculo Organic Food is Foliar Fertilizer which supplements the Basal Fertilizer with all the essential vitamins minerals and nutrients that the Basal Fertilizer might not have . This is applied on the leaves during the 1)Starter 2) Vegetative 3) Fruiting 4)Finisher stages.

The Key and essential nutrients found in Agriculo Organic Food:
1) Soil Nourishment: It will feed the soil with positive micro- organisms like arches, bacteria fungi and oouyctes that provides a rich ecosystem that for maximum and healthy products for all crops/ plants/ fruits.
It will also increase the humus content in the soil and feed it with essential vitamins, Organic acids and work as an Anti-oxidant that plays a crucial role in soil Nourishment and is capable of sustaining a healthy environment and high quality food production

2) Agriculo Organic Food has the following essential nutrients:
- Phosphorus:- This helps in the growth of a plant and hastens the Maturity of the crops/plants/ fruits.
- Magnesium:- Plays a major role in the photosynthesis mechanism of the plant/crop/ fruits.
- Potassium:- Acts as a plant disease resistance and enable healthy growth of the plant
- Zinc:- This particular component helps in the development of the leaves and also elongation of the stems. It basically helps in the overall growth of the plant.
- Neem Extracts:- This possesses a germicidal and anti- bacterial properties which is useful to protect the plants from different kind of pests. This is a powerful Organic solution that deals effectively to manage plant infestations and environmental friendly. It works well in controlling nematodes which can be destructive to plants.
- Chelated minerals:- These are micro- nuitrients that supply the plants with essential minerals like Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper.
- Calcium:- This is essential for the Growth of plants for their roots and root heirs.
Nitrogen:- This enhances the plant growth and especially in their cell tissue.

Furthermore Agriculo Organic Food repels a few pests and amphids like Whiteflies, Cutworms, Nematodes and Potatoe Cyte Nematodes (PCN) giving the farm a one stop shop which is environmentally friendly and cost effective.